Bodyweight training is often associated with high intensity interval training consisting of countless push ups and ab crunches. While the mainstream of bodyweight training is mostly just this, this type of approach can only get you so far. It lacks the muscle and strength building attributes of proper resistance training with weights.

Naturally, getting the basics down by just learning to move your own weight around with push-ups and various calisthenics exercises is a good start for anyone, but for people other than total beginners this will give only average results. Our bodies are designed to move in a lot more complex way. Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) provides a modern alternative to bodyweight training that not only helps you regain your lost mobility hampered by all the years of deskwork, but allows you to gradually move from basic strength exercises to superhuman like set of exercises which not only give you strength adaptations beyond your wildest dreams, but are also suitable for building high levels of muscle mass.

Strength and muscle mass are only the side product

Most of us seek mainly these two things from resistance training: Strength and muscle mass. While there are many approaches to get both of them to a fairly decent level,  most people try to climb the tree with their ass up and head down. Fixing your basic mobility issues and building a good foundation first is what pays a lot higher return in investment in the long run. Strength and muscle mass are only the side product of a healthy body built with Gymnastic Strength Training.

Most workout apps just give you random exercises in random order. The difference between results and exceptional results is a comprehensive list of gradual progressions leading to a healthy body capable of moving through space with grace, giving you the strength and muscle mass as a side product.

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