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Strength, power, mobility, skill – All within one workout application to rule them all. Reach your physique goals now! Next Level tells you how.

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Build the physique of your dreams while acquiring a superhuman like skillset

Next Level is a workout application like no before. A strong, powerful and flexible physique is simply a side product of training with the best authors in the world of bodyweight training, gymnastics, pair stunting, yoga and many more.. Start your journey today!

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Build the physique of your dreams through gamified workouts in the world of calisthenics and bodyweight training!


Tutorials and workout programs from the world of gymnastics, tricking, street workout, pole dancing, pair stunting and yoga available soon


A revolutionary learning platform with well-structured workout instructions and videos. No internet connection required.

Next Level Features

We were looking for the perfect app for learning skill based sports. There were multiple options, but not a single one could perform on the level we needed. We wanted to make even the most complex stuff like advanced gymnastic progressions so intuitive that any layperson could start training them without a professional coach. We created Next Level to not only meet our needs, but to exceed them. Next Level is the only gamified workout application you’ll ever need, whatever your goals are: Gaining muscle mass, strength, speed, power, flexibility, mobility or learning super human skills like the human flag, planche, front lever, back lever and various handstands..


Next Level features a learning system never seen before. See all progressions for any single exercise or skill laid out to an intuitive skill-tree format adopted from the world of RPG-gaming.


Forget about YouTube. We provide example videos for every progression and exercise – created by the best in the field. No active internet connection needed: Access your workouts with example videos even from your grandmom’s basement.


Next Level is not only a groundbreaking learning platform. It is the ‘App Store’ for any skill you can imagine. Purchase tutorials for the infamously superhuman exercises like the human flagplanche and double backflip on floor.

How Does It Work

Next Level features a state-of-the-art visual and gamified workout system designed to display in-depth progressions which would be unattainably complex to get a grasp on with more traditional workout applications.


Search for high quality tutorials for any physical skill

A skill-tree -like progression system familiar from RPG-games

Combine tutorials into your weekly workouts


Get right into action - no need to figure out the right progression scheme yourself!

Download Next Level for iOS or Android

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Our Content Partners

Pair stunting skills in Next Level

“After having coached cheerleading around the world for four years now, I’m in the progress of creating a whole new sport related to pair stunting. Level App fit’s my requirements for creating all of the movement progressions in an easy to follow format. mikapennanen

Mika Pennanen | Cheerleading World Champion

Street Workout

“I was looking for an application usable for learning complex gymnastics skills, but no platform could handle the depth I wanted. Next Level is the perfect solution for me to distribute my content aarosmall

Aaro Helander | Street Workout heavyweight champion 2015


Behind the Skills | A Vierumäki Personal Training group

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Next Level is currently in a public beta stage. Participate in testing and receive bonuses for giving feedback.

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